1 dead, several injured in shooting on Greyhound bus in Northern California

The Deadly Trap of Heaven And Hell

Terrorism is spawned by the trap that offers great rewards for deeds performed or eternal punishment for those who renege. The alternative of the one great thing against the other is too irresistible and appealing to those who are manipulated like puppets on a string.

Internet of Things – A Gateway for Hackers?

The Internet of Things has sparked a great excitement already before hitting the market. But, there’s also another side of the coin. The disadvantages of the IoT that hide behind the sheen of the newest technology are summed up here.

Causes of Poverty

Despite all the advancements of the human race in practically every field, we have been unable to eradicate poverty mainly because of just a handful of societal problems. The most prominent of these issues is the corrupt nature of almost every other politician. It could also be termed as the lack of good leadership, which results in poor government policies.

Europe Must Find The Courage To Manage Its Own Affairs

Is it time the UK and the rest of Europe came to a mutual agreement to work together in their own interests? It’s a question I have often wondered about.

Who Are The Real Enemies Of The People?

With the recent assassination of Russian politician Boris Nemstov what are the implications for international affairs between Russia and the West. Putin has been implicated without a shred of evidence by the international media, but what is actually the truth?

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