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FOI Act, Presidency and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria

In the last 2 ½ years, Nigerian president, Muhammed Buhari has been preaching the gospel of fighting corruption headlong. ‘I am for everybody and I am for nobody’ were the words of Buhari when he took over the leadership of our beloved country from Dr Goodluck Jonathan. In my limited understanding of these words, the president was telling the world that at every point in time, his words and deeds will be to the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians, no matter the situation.

Freedom of The Press Is Essential For Democracy

In countries where dictators control populations the press is either stymied or non-existent. State run media are often the only source of reports on what governments are doing in such authoritarian societies. Leaders in media freedom are Western nations, including the United States.

How Bad Is Life in North Korea?

It takes a brave person to speak out about the regime that is so brutal and oppressive that it pales in significance to what Hitler, or any other monstrous dictator did. We have seen many outrageous acts performed by some of them over the years. Idi Amin stands out like a beacon but how bad was he compared to the current situation in North Korea.

Can The New Steel Policy Help Revive India’s Steel Makers?

The national steel policy is intended to promote the growth and development of the domestic steel industry and help revive steel makers in India. It will reduce the import of inferior quality steel products from other countries.

Israel: No Non-Jewish Marriages and How It May Change Soon

In spite of the UN gift of land to Israel, the right of return is challenged by biblical information. Leviticus 26 says God would punish Israel seven times over, if they walked contrary to Him. Ezekiel 4:5,6 says it was 390 years. From the Assyrian Captivity in 722 BC, 7 x 390 (2730 years) brings us to 2009 (no year “0”) so that 1947 or 1967 was premature.

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