2022 Winter Olympics begin with dazzling opening ceremonies

What If Venezuela Joins the Arab Spring and Collapses Under the Weight of Socialism?

Well, you have to hand it to Hugo Chavez, as he was quite a populist leader, much like Barack Obama. Unfortunately, Hugo Chavez was also a socialist and he had caused a tremendous number of problems for the Venezuelan economy. The middle-class took a huge financial hit, and the poor people well, they could never run out of more desires, needs, and wants. The country just couldn’t afford all the promises that Hugo Chavez made. So what happens next now that Hugo Chavez is dead?

Emperor Constantine Changed the Nature of God

The power of Constantine was such that he required a religious base to exercise his will and maintain strict control over his huge empire. It would appear that he had the idea from years before and the means to implement it were given to him at the right time.

Emperor Constantine and His Religion

He is the Assyrian and the Son of Perdition according to the biblical prophecies in the Old Testament. Revelation identifies him as the man whose number is 666. My research established why he is all these things?

The Ride of a Lifetime

This is a story about promoting peace. The stage is Kenya. Kenyans are waiting to elect new leaders with ugly scenes of the past elections still fresh in their memories. This story goes to show one of the many efforts channeled to promote peace.

The Roman Religion of Constantine

Most seem to believe in religions and gods that are possibly based on myths and fiction. One, in particular, is more prominent and influential and it is through its foundation that one discovers its roots and the reason for its being.

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