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Iranian Dissidents Can’t Count on the UN

Last year, the crisis of the 3,300 Iranian dissidents who have made a home at Camp Ashraf in Iraq for decades exploded when Iraqi militants massacred 47 of them in two separate, brutal attacks. Those killings, the product of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s cozy relationship with the terrorist regime in Tehran, appear to have just been a warmup to Iraq’s latest plans for the dissidents. The dissidents, who are protected persons under international law and whom the U.S. has abandoned, in spite of its longstanding legal and moral commitment to protect them, have a short time to achieve refugee status through the United Nations. But so far Maliki has blocked the efforts of the UN and the UN is not pushing to remove Iraq’s obstructions. The Iranian dissidents in Ashraf and inside Iran are waiting to see the truth of these words as much as they are waiting to see the UN to respond to the Ashraf crisis with speed and conviction.

“The Nazi Ghettos” Exhibition in Rome for Holocaust Memorial Day

Established ten years ago, Memorial Day is celebrated on January 27 because on this day the Allied Forces liberated Auschwitz from the Germans. Beyond that gate, as well as the inscription “Arbeit macht frei” (Work makes you free), appeared hell.

Pack Your Bags, Its Time To Abandon The Earth

The gold rush of the nineteen century witnessed a massive population shift. New towns sprang up around the mines while hundreds of other towns closed down. Towns closed down because their young men and women moved en mass to the minefields in search of gold.

ASEAN, Lets Get This Party Started!

The new emerging South East Asia Nations have become the main spotlight for today’s economy power in turns for captivating China in their Northern border. ASEAN have become one of the main dance competitors for other expert dancers such as USA and European Nations in order to pursue their domination in the world dance floor. The writer would like to express this competition as a ballroom dance competition where ASEAN have turn on their new clothes in extraordinary design to captivate the eyes of the audience.

What’s the Best Way to Deal With Iran Right Now?

Obviously, economic and financial sanctions are not having a very immediate effect on Iran’s decision to give up its nuclear weapons manufacturing process. Does this surprise anyone, “not I,” said me at a recent think tank discussion. Whereas, many academic intellectuals believe this is the proper way forward, I say that’s just pure “rubbish, it’s poppycock” if you ask me.

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