A massive winter storm has prompted warnings from Texas to Maine | ABC News

Disproving The Existence of Heaven and Hell That Terrorists Rely On

Terrorists expect great rewards in Paradise for killing those who do not believe as they do or even those who do. They are in for a huge surprise when they discover their efforts and sacrifice leads to no such destination.

NATO’s Response Heats Up – To Lukewarm

NATO’s plan for eastern bases is the strongest response yet to Russian aggression. It is not nearly strong enough.

No Safe Harbor

With the execution of an American journalist James Foley just proves that the world is indeed becoming more barbaric. It as been the policy of the United States never to negotiate with terrorists and their organizations. That being said, when the life of anyone no matter their country of origin is threatened it is the responsibility of every human being that steps must be taken to minimize and eliminate the risk of bodily harm.

Please Not Armageddon

Events in the Ukraine have taken a turn for the worse if that could be possible. There is evidence to suggest Russia is pouring troops and equipment to fight a war against Kiev. And in a chilling development, Vladimir Putin is warning the west and raising the spectre of nuclear war.

Reincarnation Is The Only Way Forward And Back

God is a mighty power that exists in all of the many universes that comprise billions of systems like ours. Yet man considers he is made in the image of God. That is his downfall as man is anything but and the religions of this world are greatly misleading and cheating everyone.

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