ABC News Live: ISIS leader killed in Syria raid

From Subic Bay To Sevastopol

The U.S. peacefully handed over its most important foreign naval base. It is an example Vladimir Putin has no intention of following.

The Risks Posed by Al Qaeda in Hong Kong

What should attract attention of officials in both Beijing and in Hong Kong, is that Al Qaeda has co-opted other groups with previously limited influence and turned them into “franchises” of the mother Al Qaeda organization. This has happened in North Africa, Iraq, and to a lesser degree in Asia. There are ten million Muslims in Xinjiang and some twenty million in China as a whole. What is Al Qaeda doing today to seek greater influence within these populations? Hong Kong leaders cannot afford, as some American leaders seem to have done, to ignore future threats from Al Qaeda both on the mainland and perhaps even in the economic dynamo that is Hong Kong, areas where there are many “soft targets.”

Actions Have Consequences

All actions, words and messaging can have serious consequences. A political commentary.

Meet the Amorites and the Man Numbered As 666

The mystery that has defeated the world for 2,000 years was intended to be resolved at the end of a period called the day. It involves history, crime, conspiracy, fraud, intrigue and gullibility on the part of the victims sucked into believing in it.

Ukraine: A Pawn in a Game of World Chess

Are we watching a rematch of Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in the Cold War confrontational chess game of the Twentieth Century? Is it a remake of the Cuban Missile Crisis with John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev in a “to the death” struggle of brinkmanship?

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