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What Can Zimbabwe Do About Debt, Disaster, And Robert Mugabe?

Today, Robert Mugabe is almost 90, and he is the only leader Zimbabwe has ever known. Can any man or woman effectively lead a nation for 34 years? I suspect not. And frankly, much as we may credit Mugabe with having launched Zimbabwe on a course toward freedom back in 1980, today the country is, to put it politely, a mess, and Mugabe himself has slowly evolved into a corrupt “president for life” who refuses to consider relinquishing power. It is not the first time this tragedy has played out in Africa.

As Arab Spring Reaches Third Anniversary, Tunisia Sheds Islamic Politics

For three years, Tunisia has stumbled and bumbled with a series of democratically elected but utterly inept governments, most of them leaning somewhat in the same Islamic direction as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, though with a lighter touch. Tunisians have called their own Enhada Party “MB-Lite” because it is not as extreme as the Egyptian brand of politics. And now, to the amazement of journalists everywhere this weekend, a new prime minister took office in Tunis as head of a caretaker government. Who is this man? Actually the new prime minister of Tunisia is someone whose name is unfamiliar to you. He is Mehdi Jomaa, and the most important thing you need to know about him is that he is not a member of any Islamic party. He is a technocrat, the sort of man who cares more about making schools function, garbage collected, civil servants serve, and the economy boom, than he cares about making speeches. There have been far too many speeches in the time of the Arab Spring. There has been far too little economic progress.

Why Ignorance Is Bliss in Religious Terms?

The dark mountains stand tall when ignorance is maintained. As knowledge comes to the fore, however, it is the mountain of God that is being built over them through the Internet.

Suppression of Women and Discrimination Against Women Is Rife in All Societies

Suppression and discrimination against women is about to end as God chooses to speak through a woman to bring about the Mountain of God called Mt. Zion. It is foretold that she will break down the barriers between religions and the truth and she has the power to do it.

Why Is Discrimination Against Women Tolerated in Modern Societies?

Religious prejudice against women is strongly supported by male ego and the lazy approach by men to discovering the reason for it. The Spirit, however, has now exposed it for what it is.

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