ABC News Live: US says Russia could attack Ukraine ‘at any time’

It Is Official, Now Syria Is In a Civil War

What started out as just another nation dealing with an Arab Spring has been escalating for months now well into the Arab Fall, and soon the Arab Winter. So far, it has been reported that 3500 Syrian citizens have been killed by their government, but that hasn’t stopped the protesters, as the riots rage on despite the attempts from the international community, and the Arab League to ask Syria to put down their weapons against their own people. Okay so, let’s talk about this shall we?

BRIC Countries Discover Foreign Aid

Foreign aid from the four original BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) more than doubled from 2005 to 2008. During that period, China’s foreign assistance grew by more than 30 percent annually, and India, the largest foreign aid recipient in history, is actively looking to establish a national aid program.

Identity: Who Am I and Why?

How we identify ourselves is a mystery. Do we identify ourselves through religion, through status, through our families, through society, through peers, through culture or through ourselves? Are they all inter-connected? What makes you, you? Why do I believe in what I believe in?

We Need That Iraqi Oil Flowing – It’s Happening Albeit Not Fast Enough

The Iraq oil flow is not what it should be, and yet, who is to blame for all that? Well, it’s safe to say that the new provincial government cannot get’s affairs in order, and there is a bit of sectarian struggle from within. Then there is the Kurds to the North, and even if they for the most part keep to themselves, there are factions within who are constantly at odds within Turkey, and that certainly isn’t helping their cause or ours – our need for oil flow that is.

New World Order Conspiracy Theory

The new world order is a conspiracy theory that tends to explain the emergence of a one world government sometime in the future. These conspiracies have culminated to other connections especially the end of the world theory. The common subject on the new world order is however related to a power elite group of people functioning in secrecy to eventually take over the world where the sovereign nations or states will be no more.

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