ABC News Prime: Winter storm on the move; US troops ordered to East Europe; What to teach students

The Truly Golden Voices of History

Does Spain have an iconic female singer to rival those of other nations? Many singers bring to mind the pathos of times past or a period of turbulence. Gracie Fields symbolised the austere but homeliness of a pre-war Britain far removed from what it has since become. Gracie lost her citizenship when, during the war in which Italy was at war with England, the Lancashire nightingale married an Italian and departed for America. Would Vera Lynn have won the nation’s heart had her career not coincided with World War Two? Vera’s White Cliffs of Dover and We’ll Meet Again evoke the sadness of war rather than they do the singer.

The Great Patriotic War Mk 2

I have more Russian friends than you could shake a stick at. I have no wish to do so but my Slav friends firmly believe that the US and EU carry a big stick and they do not take kindly to it. Stung by their being stigmatised, offended by hypocritical posturing, our hurt and exiled fellow Europeans turn east to China and south to India. The Russians have now merged their diplomatic, defence and trade relationships with the monolithic BRICS trading bloc. BRICS control almost 40 % of the GDP/PPP in the world. That is more than USA and EU together. Given the minuscule size, troubled and shrinking economies of the EU and US, one wonders if the EU and U.S in fact exile themselves.

A Biblical Solution to the Muslim Problem

Summary: The Muslim problem is about militancy as taught in the Koran. Christ said, “Blessed are the peace-makers.” The Bible covenant with Abraham provided the Middle East for his descendants. That includes Arabic Muslims from Ishmael. Islam’s push into Europe and America is foreseen in Daniel 8, but it ends badly for a militant Muslim ram.

Paying The Piper

As we remember this past December 7th, a day that will live in infamy Pearl Harbor reminds us of the sacrifices by the greatest generation should not have been made in vain. A world war ensued where the terror of the Nazi’s set the world ablaze. Now, a new terror has emerged where the seeds of destruction and mayhem were planted well over 30 years ago.

Canada Welcomes Arab Refugees – It’s a Huge Opportunity, Especially for Their Young People

Canada is bringing in up to 50,000 Arab refugees through 2016. What challenges will they face in culture, language and jobs? One thing is for certain. Young Arabs will have opportunities they cannot get in the Middle East. And that’s a very good thing. Our job is to communicate with them and make them welcome.

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