Activist draws attention to looted African art through unconventional method

Diplomatic Challenges With China Over Eventual Taiwan Reunification Goals

Okay so, it’s no secret that China wants Taiwan back, and that it truly believes that such a pursuit towards the re-unification of Taiwan is righteous. Taiwan obviously thinks otherwise or at least most Taiwanese do, and it wants to remain a sovereign nation. Further, Taiwan is leveraging its association with the US to prevent China from re-unifying Taiwan by force, and China says it’s none of the United State’s business.

Iran on a Nuclear Precipice

Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons which its regime will not hesitate to use. In fact, there are horrifying clues that the terrorist regime may be getting close to nuclear capability. But there is good news in store-good news which God will use to fulfill end-times Bible prophecy. This article explains.

The CPO – Close Protection Officer and the Mystery Around Them

If you are familiar with the sight of the side standing companion who often is a typically tall and serious looking male in a black suit, then you will quickly be able to point out that the mysterious man is almost certainly a professionally hired close protection officer, in other words a CPO is called: “Bodyguard”. What many do not know is that a bodyguard does not necessarily have to be tall to be strong and protective.

The Devastation of Violence in Ivory Coast

Twenty-one million people call Ivory Coast home. Her largest cities are Abidjan (4,000,000), Bouake (800,000) and the capital Yamoussoukro (300,000). Hundreds of thousands of Ghanians, Guineans, and Burkinabe used to work in these cities as taxi drives and casual labors for wealthy Ivorians, but many have returned to their homelands to escape the violence.

Remembering Nine Eleven After Ten War-Torn Years

Today, 9/11/11, we look back at the events of 9/11/01; those life-changing scenes of horrible terrorist’s destruction are still very fresh in our minds. Most of all, we remember the people whose lives were changed forever on that never to be forgotten day. We can all remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when the Twin Towers, and the lives of most of the people within them, collapsed right before our eyes.

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