Americans to watch at the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Terrorism Is Work for 666 and the Sun-God

Aside from the ones they willingly kill there is another side to the actions of terrorism that has apparently escaped most people’s notice. That is the role the sun-god plays in their activity. Islam is based on the sun worship that arose in Babylon with the sun-star, Mary.

Sharia Law in Aceh, Indonesia

The news this morning that Sharia law has taken over Aceh in Indonesia is a shock to Australians who battled to save the area after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. It killed over 170,000 people with waves some 100 feet high driven up to 4 miles inland. It wiped out villages and sent animals, humans, and other things into a swirling mass of water that was beyond comprehension to those who saw it or who survived it.

Who Cries for Gaza?

A special report on Australian television showed the story of the father of a small child whose body washed up onto the Turkey coast recently. There was an instant outpouring of grief worldwide as those who cared were horrified. Why?

The Prison of the Gaza Strip

It has puzzled me for some time how the world has stood by and watched the Gaza Strip turn into a prison in which people have suffered an unbelievable hell. Where are the human rights watchers and those who care? Where is humanity when our own kind are treated in such a way that to look on Gaza is to literally look at hell on earth?

The Sadness That Follows Muslim Refugees

It’s a different culture and a far different way of life that they bring with them and many cannot adapt to the culture and ways of their new homeland. The Muslim religion is to blame because it is so restrictive and completely opposite to the democratic system of the Western nations to which many are fleeing. How can they adjust when everything they have been brainwashed into believing is suddenly overturned in the free societies to which they have come?

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