Amir Locke shooting reignites debate over no-knock warrants

Who Says Iran’s Nuclear Program Is Only Peaceful?

“Peaceful my rear end,” was the comment I heard from the retiring general in the US military as he gave a speech and answered questions about the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Very few political analysts, geopolitical gurus, military men, State Department employees, or foreign nations are fooled by the Iranian regimes trickery, tactics, or half-truths during negotiation on this issue. Okay, so let’s talk about this for a moment shall we?

If Sanctions Aren’t Working With The Iran Nuclear Weapons Program – Why More of the Same?

Okay so, I hope you can remind me what the definition of insanity is; “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” And with that said, doesn’t it seem insane to levy more sanctions on Iran to get them to stop their nuclear weapons program? Obviously they have no intention of doing so, and they’ve been sticking their middle finger at the international community for a good many years now on this whole issue.

Syria Is Seriously Not Serving Their Citizens

What the heck is going on in Syria, how can something labeled the Arab Spring become a perennial protest and chaos driven civil war? The number of people who have been killed in Syria is a scary proposition. And unfortunately the bloodshed isn’t over despite the promises of the Assad government in Syria.

India Border Incursions From Chinese Army – That’s Going to Be a Challenge

Many would content that China has only good intentions as it grows economically and moves forward. In fact, a recent RAND Report claims that “China’s International Behavior” is purely peaceful and it is merely going about its business attempting to garner the resources it needs to keep growing its economy and bring its nation up to its full potential. Others content that this is not exactly so and point to the rather bold military buildup in China.

Are Political Changes Coming to Venezuela – If So, They Can’t Happen Fast Enough

Generally speaking when a socialist leader of a large nation moves a free-market economy into that looking more like socialist theory, they have already turned towards a cliff and must continually pick up the speed to keep it going. There’s only one problem with that, we all know what happens when you drive a nation off a cliff. Okay so, let’s talk a little bit about Venezuela if we might.

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