At least 20 people killed in Madagascar by tropical cyclone Batsirai

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2012

The ‘Fu’ or ‘Good Luck!’ Symbol is always conspicuously displayed during the Chinese New Year Period. Intriguingly, ‘Fu’ has two different meanings, depending on which way up you view it, both together mean ‘Happy New Year!

United States Pulls Financial Strings To Control Iran

United States sets new rules in oil market in a hope that Iran’s finances will be reduced. The article talks about the event and its aftereffects.

Assad’s Last Stand in Syria and End of an Era in That Region of the Middle East

Well, it is official Turkey has levied sanctions economically on the government of Syria. The Assad regime has already felt the effects of the crippling sanctions from the Arab League, as well as the Western world, after a recent UN vote. Every day, the news just gets worse.

Great Ways To Make A Difference: Volunteering Overseas

We live on a very large planet. Nobody is arguing this fact. Thanks to technological advances, today we are living in a world that gets smaller and smaller every day.

China Manufacturing Hitting the Skids a Few Years Earlier Than a Think Tank Suspected

Over the past few years our think tank has believed that China has painted itself into a corner due to its currency manipulation and bad economic policies, well that and the corruption in the banking sector, and the state-run capitalism challenges of trying to call the shots for free-market enterprises. Indeed, it doesn’t help China in the long-run to suck their best customers dry either, and the trade deficits the way they are creating an unbalanced global money flow, which is unsustainable. Now of course, it’s time to pay the piper, and things are going to be problematic for…

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