Australian floods cut off outback towns and major supply routes – BBC News

Is The European Union Going To Collapse After Brexit?

The British have voted to leave the European Union – good for them many say, and yet, others wonder what the economic fallout from such a vote might actually be. We’ve heard doom and gloom from the global media of just how bad this will be for Britain, but the real question should be; just how bad will this be for the European Union? Sure Britain will have a little problem temporarily, but in the end it will be better for Britain. For the EU however, it will surely look weak, and not nearly the unbreakable union it promoted itself as. Others will follow, and the Eurozone will eventually collapse and begin again.

China’s Claim in the Spratley Islands

A group of coral atolls that sit close to the Philippines in the South China Sea is the subject of a major dispute involving several nations. The Islands are within the 200 mile exclusion zone of the Philippines. The people of that nation have used the reefs for fishing and other things.

Is The European Union Really A Pillar for Political Order And Global Stability?

Those who were against the Brexit including the Global Media and the European Union (EU) Leadership itself claim that the EU has prevented World War III and kept the peace and united Europe in a huge way with economic benefits for all. Well, none of those arguments are actually true. The European Union has not prevented wars in Europe, we have NATO for that, and we can thank the United States, not the EU political organization.

The Global Leftists Tell Us That Another World War Is Possible If The European Union Fails

Indeed, many of us who believe in common sense are completely taken aback by the illogical argument that the crumbling of the EU would be a disaster for humanity. I tend to disagree and call such comments poppycock and utter hokum simply because a global socialist world government is much what Hitler had wanted in his 1,000 Year Reich. Further, if those who run the European Union and their followers and in the bag media pundits really believe that there could be a World War if the EU collapses, then it will be their fault for poor leadership, socialist push, and politically correct dictatorial directives.

Brexit Hits Economy With Waves for US, UN, UK, EU – Daniel 7,8 Shows Papacy & Islam As Key Players

The UK, US, EU, Vatican and Islam are represented in the imagery of Daniel 7 and 8. Daniel is the only book recommended by Christ when He was asked about the end of the world in Matthew 24. Daniel’s description fits well what is happening and should be considered by leaders as well as laymen who want to know where we are headed.

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