Batsirai cyclone, church fire, protests and Carnival: World in Photos, Feb. 7

War: Swearing in Loyalty and Faith

War movies usually depict the value of loyalty and faith. It embodies how troop members protect and support each other.

The Discovery of the God Particle – What It Means to the Average Person

With the announcement of the God Particle’s discovery, many people of a non-science enthusiast mindset may view this as a non-event. However, when one looks at the discovery from the perspective of history, the magnitude of the God Particle’s discovery can properly be appreciated.

Time For A North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement?

The British have stood by us. Maybe it’s time to announce that if the EU kicks them out, they can find a new home in NAFTA.

Secret Intelligence in the Undiscovered Country

The world’s secret intelligence services are operating in a dynamically changing global environment. This “Undiscovered Country” will be one characterized by turbulence and uncertainty. For the next few decades Intelligence Services will be stressed as they try to adapt to the proliferation of advanced destructive technologies, global telecommunications, decentralization of longstanding institutional power structures, cyber warfare, global changing environment, and population ages and densities.

Spirituality and God Before the End of Days

There is little doubt now that we are coming to the end of human life on earth as populations are out of control and breeding is beyond sustainability, Climate change and global warming will see a massive decline of food while disease and famine will increase substantially. So where does spirituality fit into this picture?

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