Biden on ISIS leader’s death: ‘This horrible terrorist leader is no more’

Life, Liberty, and Migrants

This is the perspective of a missionary working in Guatemala of the current immigration issue in the U.S. We have seemingly forgotten how our country was founded and the basic principles we claim to believe in regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let freedom ring.

Putin’s Fleas

Benjamin Franklin would have known exactly what to make of Vladimir Putin. Businesses that got into bed with Putin’s Russia are rediscovering what happens when you lie down with dogs.

The Ukrainian Identity

First bloody riots; then a terrorist act; now mutual sanctions. In a period of a few months Ukraine went from a stable democracy to a conflict zone. While Russians and Americans are hitting each other with sanctions, neighbors continue to kill each other and innocent people.

Ignore Them At Your Peril

ISIS or the Islamic State is currently the most powerful and dangerous extremist organisation in the world. But who is it? How does it function? And why has it been so effective in recruiting fighters?

Obama and Muslims

What the anti-American people involved in Islam do not realize is that Obama is the least anti-Islamic president that America is going to get. Most Americans hate Islam and would gladly see the Middle East go up in flames. Obama serves as a moderating force for this tendency in American politics.

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