Biden relaunches cancer ‘moonshot’ initiative

Why the Internet and Why Now?

This is surely like a dream come true. Instant communication with everyone in the world possible at the click of a button or the press of the mouse. A few taps on a browser and one can do amazing puzzles, solve problems, have languages change in an instant, and call up help for anything that is a question requiring an answer.

Freedom of Speech Is Really Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

What you see is what you get. What is advertised to us is what we buy. What some people see is slowly destroying their lives. We can’t let this happen anymore.

The Plight of West Papuans

Their country sits some 250 miles north of Australia across the Torres Strait and is part of a large Island with a close history and links to it. It comprises of people who were independent and self-governing with a culture similar to tribal groups elsewhere. They were not violent towards anyone except through the spats and tribal wars they fought among themselves.

Understanding China & the Chinese People: Almost Everything You Have Been Told Is False

Almost everything you have been told, or thought you knew about China is probably not true. Most of the ingrained beliefs within western industrialized countries about China are thirty to forty years out of date. Is the Communist Party of China despised and feared, or do the majority look favorably upon it? As the Chinese economy surges forward, are the people benefiting from this new wealth? Do the police have good community relations or are they just goons of the Party? Can you describe the daily life of the average Chinese? How do they perceive the USA?

Punishing the World for Their Evil, and the Wicked for Their Iniquity

A recent news broadcast on Australian television showed a mother grieving over the death of her son, a warrior for Isil. She had been informed only a few short weeks after he left home that he was a martyr. This should have made her proud but instead it brought extreme sorrow.

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