Biden visits NYC to highlight fight against gun crime

Democracy: A Condition of the Heart

Recent happenings in the Ukraine have caused me to reflect on democracy and the successes and failures in their struggles toward democracy of Peoples around the world. Many countries now choose their governments in a democratic-style election.

National Security Interests – US Embassies In the Cross Fire

Our embassies in other nations must be protected, and they are our property, just as other nations with embassies in our country are owned by those nations – that’s how it works, well mostly. If tensions between nations get too hot, or political impasse occurs usually nation’s ask the opposing political force to remove their people and eject them from the country, it’s the ultimate sign that things are not so peachy.

Is It a Hate Crime to Speak Against Bad Government or Phony Religion? What If Both Are in Collusion?

Good government is self government. Bad government is being told what to do, or being forced when it’s not right. It’s worse when religion is involved.

The Truth of Genesis: The Seven Years of Tribulation, Virtual Hell On Earth!

I am not pretending to have “special revelation” of the future. I can’t even predict rain. I’m just guessing on what I have seen, read from the scriptures, and how I think certain things will fall into place. But as Genesis 1:14b says, “and let them be for signs”, I proclaim that Yehovah, our Creator, has given mankind a warning sign, and has not hid what He will do. That is why we were given the book of the Revelation of Yeshua, our God, and King of Israel, who will reign forever upon all the Earth starting on the Feast of Tabernacles, about 3035 AD.

As the Waters Cover the Sea

Times are changing. Society is not what it used to be. People are not what they used to be.

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