Bomb threats to US historically Black college and universities – BBC News

The Indian National Anthem Was Really a Paen to King George

The National Anthem of written by ” Guruji” Ravindranath Tagore was, in reality, a Paen to the King of England. Later Tagore changed his tune after 25 years and claimed it was for n The Indian National Anthem ” Jana Gana Mana” is sung everyday. I am afraid very few know that this anthem has a history and its not very nice.

How Turmeric Is Measuring Up In Western Science

Turmeric has been in the fore front of ancient medicine in cultures from Asia, India, Africa and in the middle east for thousands of years. After an extensive study to how this spice has been used we decided to look into how cucumin looks in the western scientific community.

Master Con Don

Trump may be a master con man with a dedicated following but he is no religious or cult leader. He can be defeated as he has been repeatedly throughout his life by a careful exposure of his scamming tactics.

Do Your Homework, Dems

Democrats want to unseat Trump. They need a broader view of America in a global world. Trump is destroying relations and are uninformed about Obama & immigration.

White Hot in the Melting Pot

The world’s melting pot is boiling over with rage. This is a microcosm of a 2019 worldwide phenomenon. Minorities are increasing in numbers, strength and influence. Privileged whites are threatened with losing status and they react in line with the outworn principle that might makes right The conflict can end in progress for humanity as a whole just as did the American Civil War regardless of enormous new challenges that arose in its wake…

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