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Kennan and Containment

George F. Kennan, a Foreign Service Officer, formulated the policy of containment, the fundamental United States strategy for driving away the cold war (1947-1989) with the Soviet Union. Kennan’s suggestions, which became the foundation of the Truman administration’s international policy, initially came to public interest in 1947 in the type of an anonymous contribution to the journal Foreign Affairs, the so called X Article. The primary component of any United States policy toward the Soviet Union, Kennan wrote, should be that of a long term, patient though firm as well as vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies.

Fear Has Taken Control of the World Order

It is now more evident than ever that most people are for the most completely ignorant and babies when it comes to understanding what life is about. While blame is cast on politicians and governments it is humanity that has brought the world to this end. Mobs charging like animals are everywhere, murder and mayhem is engulfing countries, the economy is tethering on a precipice, and we are running out of room to accommodate the masses.

Historical Facts on the Partition of India and Role of Gandhi, Patel and Nehru

India became one nation thanks to the rule of the British, who in1757 after winning the famous Battle of Plassey, became the omnipotent power in the subcontinent. They united India as never before and India was the Jewel in the Crown. The Raj stretched from the Khyber Pass to the plains of Assam and deep down to the states of Travancore and Tamilnadu.

Why Trump Is Not to Blame for The Woes and Violence in The USA and Elsewhere

Many are quick to point the finger at Trump for what is happening in the USA. The rise of White Supremacy, the hard-line against migrants, the decline of power, the anger and discontent about his appointments, and so on. He is also changing many things that will take decades to undo if and when he is deposed.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Ethics?

The political process of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires a re-think. It should take clearer account of some ethical and religious considerations.

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