Boston man uses leaf blower to clear icy driveway

Deserving Sympathy: Kashmir in Question

Kashmir is perceived by India as a crowning glory never to be given up. The neighbor, Pakistan, grudges this beautiful piece of paradise as legitimately belonging to them on account of the Muslim majority but India cleverly had snatched it away. Kashmir, under a Hindu Maharaja, on the eve of India’s independence in 1947 was forcibly made to join India.

What’s Next For Libya?

Well, Moammar Gaddafi has met his demise, by way of perhaps execution. There may be an investigation as to whether Gaddafi was shot, died of wounds during his capture, or summarily executed by the rebels after his capture rather than having him brought to trial. Well, of course if he was shot execution style; does that mean the NTC or National Transitional Council has lost the moral authority to lead.

The Battle for Africa – Oh My God, How Do You Win That?

Okay so, the United States has committed the modest amount of 100 special force personnel to Uganda to assist in training their army to go after the LRA – Lord’s Resistance Army, a group which has been causing many problems in the border region of South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Kenya for some 3-decades. One might ask; why now? It seems we’ve stayed out of that battle, along with distancing ourselves from the problems in Darfur and during the civil war which broke up Sudan.

Osama Bin Laden Got a Burial At Sea – Gaddafi Gets a Las Vegas Mafia Style Burial in the Desert

When our special forces went in and took out Osama bin Laden, they cleaned him up little bit, verified his DNA, and gave him a proper burial at sea. A Viking burial if you will, well not exactly, but you get the point? They dropped him into the ocean, and I assume that was the end of it.

AIDS Orphans: A Generation At Risk

The most devastating effect on the world’s children, as the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to spread around the world, has been the alarming increase in the number of children who have been orphaned by the disease particularly in the developing world. Children orphaned by AIDS are not like orphans whose parents died from other diseases. HIV ultimately makes people ill but it runs an unpredictable course.

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