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Choosing From Different American Flags

A national flag is an emblem, closely connected with the nation’s traditions, culture, past and even the future. It is not a matter of fabric, but something much more than this. For examples, American flag reveals the country’s principles and its interesting history and origin.

International Flags And Their Different Purposes

A flag is a symbol of the nation, its pride and delight. It is one of the important attributes that distinguishes one country from another, as all nations have their unique flags. International flags tell much of country’s history, culture and identity.

Reincarnation Facts – A True Story

Reincarnation is not well received and those who admit to it are often ridiculed and torn apart as has happened to me recently in a forum. It is not easy for people to realize that they are under the influence of a great fraud and that the things taught to them as truth are in fact myths from the past.

New World Order No Way To Thrive

A worldwide conspiracy to dominate and control the world by creating a One World Order – a fascist government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Most people react with disbelief and skepticism towards this topic, unaware that they are being conditioned (brainwashed) to react with skepticism by institutional and media influences that in themselves have been created by the NWO to start with.

A New Target For North Korean Extortion

China’s growing wealth gives North Korea a new piggy bank to rattle. Seoul and Washington are no longer the only targets.

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