Bridge collapses near Pittsburgh

Sex, Terrorism, and Discrimination Against Women

The power of sex for male terrorists is the driving force behind actions generated by indoctrination and misinformation. The constant brainwashing of young children and the indoctrination continues on into manhood to teach them that Paradise awaits where all of their sexual desires will be fulfilled. This dream began when men believed they could ‘marry’ Mary, the sun-star of Babylon.

Religious Fiction Versus Reality and an Informed World

It takes a thinking mind to realise how misinformed the world is thanks to the dreams and religions of men. What person in their right mind can possibly understand why women, who are producers of life, teachers, and the backbone of families, are discriminated against and even killed by men who force their sexual pleasures upon them? The facts are that every man born is produced by a woman and many have suffered unbelievable pain to deliver them.

The Great Decline in Social Order

The most recent disturbances in France and now Turkey show how social order is failing. It’s no longer safe to be in a crowd or even in a restaurant or market place. Add to that the incredible access to guns and explosives that is a major part of the horror and we have a world in turmoil.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Nice, France: How Will It Affect America’s Battle Against ISIS?

Once again, France has been the victim of a vicious terrorist attack. Once again, intelligence and security agencies failed to uncover the plot as was the case in the buildup to November’s attack on Paris. Once again, France’s government has shown itself unable to keep its citizenry safe. Once again, terrorism has demonstrated its effectiveness as a weapon of war and more so when a country seemingly has no effective countermeasures. Once again, the problem of terrorism is grossly compounded by the influx of Muslim immigrants throughout Europe, especially France, which has the largest number in relation to the entire population of that country–and even to a degree here.

October Years

It seems like it was only yesterday but, it was only just this morning when I looked into the mirror to my dismay I really have gotten old and gray. Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought I’d be looking at this old man staring back at me. To my chagrin I am just a shell of the person I used to be.

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