Bridgeport NAACP asks federal probe into city’s police department

Global Tensions Rising

In the last couple of decades, governments have decided that the best way to stay in power is to promise the world, and spend, spend, spend. They know that their country can’t afford all this spending, but they can’t think of any other way to stay in power. If they speak the truth, and tell the voters there isn’t enough money to pay for all of these promises, the voters will throw them out because the voters have gotten used to all these nice government hand outs.

Self-Determination, For Rich Countries

To preserve Ukraine’s “territorial integrity,” Russia and Europe seem prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian. Rich countries get to decide their futures for themselves.

The Truth of Genesis: An Attack Against Christians and Jews – Part 7B, Final Disposition!

The fifth gospel of the Bible is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. In order for things stated in Revelation (and Matthew chapter 24) to occur, the United States must first fall, or be unable to intervene. Search the Internet for “An Attack upon America, Part 4B”. Even though there was voter fraud, enough of the blind and foolish voted for the re-election of President Obama, instead of voting him out. Before the end of this Summer (2014), you’re going to regret it.

Chinedu – The Newspaper Vendor At Oshodi in Lagos, Nigeria

At virtually every stop along the Oshodi-Agege-New Town Road, in Lagos, Nigeria, Chinedu was among the many unemployed youth from all parts of Nigeria and other West African countries who besieged road motorists in order to sell newspapers. Among them were secondary school leavers and former teachers. They gazed through the car windows at passing motorists, their eyes pleading for a token purchase of leading Nigerian newspaper like The Daily, Times, Tribune, Concord, Punch, the Guardian or the “Weekend”. Some of them, risking life and limb, would run across the dangerous Oshodi Highway – aiming for a car whose occupant had signaled a buying interest. At Oshodi, any opportunity to sell a newspaper was not to be missed – as it could make a significant difference in their meager daily takings.

The State of Mankind – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Taking recent and historical events into account, many pundits and theorists have concluded that the end of the world is at hand, as people believed at the world war two Armageddon battle and the state of affairs relating to it. This article deals with this threatening and impending crisis in the present time and it asks some challenging question which, when answered, may shock many people.

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