By the Numbers: Gender parity in the Winter Olympics

Reincarnation Requires No Saviour Such As Jesus Christ

Criminals hide in religions as we see from the abuse taking place against society everyday. They are responsible for the crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated by terrorists and deceivers through things they hold in their imagination.

Constantine and Jesus Christ

The ridiculous notion that man can kill God is rarely questioned by those who fall for the story. The Spirit, however, is beyond man’s reach except in the imagination that holds it on a cross for power and control.

Reincarnation and My Spirituality

Dreams are one thing while reality is totally different. Men dreamed of a place in the sky and marriage to the sun. That was the genesis of all religions and they trapped the spiritual people of God within them.

Don’t Cry for the Philippines – Natural Disasters Are Compounded by Man

It is easy to criticise but a report on Monday morning that a helicopter would fly over southern Samar and make damage assessment may at first sight seem reasonable until somebody asks the question why not on Saturday – 2 days ago, Why not on Sunday – 1 day ago. Are the Philippines so short of helicopters that this is the first one available?

France In Mali Fighting Islamic Jihadists, Rescuing Hostages, and Securing Resources

Many of the conflicts in the world are about resources, client nations, and first world footprints on the emerging market regions. Let’s face it, the reasons we go to war are often complex and those who fight these wars may not ever realize why they fought or died – or what the real cause actually was. I’d like to discuss on such conflict if I might today.

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