CDC launches COVID-19 wastewater surveillance dashboard

Spirituality and Reincarnation Are Facts

Spiritual people are generally silenced by religious noise aimed against them. Those with memory of reincarnation are doubted for this reason and also because it is something that is rarely spoken of, thanks to the bully tactics of fundamentalists.

Safety When Traveling To Mexico: Reality Versus Fiction

When you visit travel forums or ask people about their travel plans it seems that a lot of them will tell you to stay away from Mexico. Though it is understandable that people can be a little concerned about traveling to Mexico because of all the news and warnings that they hear, it is still important to distinguish between fact and fiction. In order to do that you will need to dig in a bit deeper than the warnings and articles regarding violence usually do.

Japan Gets A Shot In The Arm, But Is It Enough?

Japan’s economy is set to get a much needed booster shot. But it will take more medicine to cure it.

Nanocapacitors: Spray on Antenna, Boosts Mobile Signal

After stumbling across this product I wanted to present my views as I am one for new and emerging technologies, for me this new technology has to be one that really makes you weary about the direction we ‘as a human race’ are moving. What are Nanocapacitors?

Emperor Constantine Is the Assyrian and the Amorite Warned Against in Prophecies

Unraveling the mysteries of the bible was led by the Spirit but the anger felt because of the wall built by emperors inspired my passion to expose them. They knew nothing of the real God but understood how much people needed something to believe in.

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