China and Russia declare “no limits” to their plan to rival US power – BBC News

Indian Foreign Policy and External Relations

Indian foreign policy plays an important role in building relations with other nations through peace and progress. Through this policy, India formulates, adopts several principles and tries to give a meaningful direction to its thoughts at international level.

Up the Flagpole: Things to Note About International Flags

Each country has a unique symbol that is recognizable around the world as completely theirs, and as belonging to that country and representing it around the world. This symbol, flown at international sports events, world political meetings, international summits, and anywhere people come together from numerous countries, carries a special meaning to those who fly it, either on a flagpole or displayed in a smaller manner.

The United Nations Is Trying To Take Control Of The Internet

The moment the U.N. is granted control of the Internet, it will be a giant step toward making the U.N. an actual global government. The U.N. would like to monitor the Internet’s architecture, traffic flow and security. They snuck a vote by that would allow for a global internet governing body by January of 2015.

Emperor Constantine Invented Jesus Christ

Constantine Acquired Sole Rule – He was ambitious, greedy, violent and he reigned as a god over the Roman Empire. His establishment of the Roman Catholic Church was for more control and power over the vast territories that stretched over thousands of miles from east to west and incorporated many nations. It comprised thousands of different languages and even more dialects.

The Big Picture – The Plan of God

As the world approaches the end of days as we know them the purpose of life is being revealed. The promises laid out in the prophecies of the Old Testament are coming to fruition and some with experience the rapture while others will simply fade away. Not all people are of God.

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