These are the Confessions and Secrets of a Designer Handbag Junkie

You probably know that I’m a huge fan of the dressmaker purse. It was pointed out to me by a circle of family and friends that this could be causing problems, but it is not. To buy a new bag, I have even repaid my lease. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t. Some times I’ve skipped my applications bills so that I could have the cash I need to purchase a new handbag. We wouldn’t mind if we did.

It is true that I have dreamed for many nights about finding the latest fashion designs. It doesn’t matter if Kenneth Cole has my infants. This is not the issue I see. In order to make my mom happy, I made the following pledge. It was loosely based upon the “twelve-step” software.

My name is Cathy. I love fashion designer purses. I have to admit that Prada is beyond my control and that my life has been difficult in all positive ways. My sanity can be restored with electricity that is more than Dior. I pledged my support for the House of Gucci by giving up my life and will. I even have made a searching and fearless stock of every handbag on bagborroworsteal.Com.

Actually, Chloe, Sara, and I made an honest admission about the exact nature of my sins to Sara, Chloe, and myself. Melie Bianco has a large number of such character defects that I have prepared myself to assist her. I ask for forgiveness from her. In fact, I made a list of handbag designers that I had acted badly with their caustic language. Now I am ready and willing to do my part to rectify the situation. I’ve been willing to endure the non-public collection of all my clothier purses. And when it was incorrect, I made that public.

As I sought to better my connection with Vivienne, I used prayer and meditation. After this awakening I have attempted to pass this information on to other handbag addicts. I have attempted to apply these concepts in all my erm…..Affairs. My name is Cathy. I love designer handbags.

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