Digital economy ‘has not worked for so many Americans’: Rep. Ro Khanna

The Role of Globalized Education in Achieving the Post-2015 Development Agenda

As the world stands at an historical juncture, it calls for a universal education system that integrates the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) in all activities, addresses inequalities in all areas, respect and advance human rights, fosters love and peace, and that is based on credible, equitable and sustainable system and safe environment for learning. A good global education is the step – the first step in ensuring that these development goals are achieved.

Corruption Of Power

It has always been that the corruption of power wields the sword of injustice and mayhem. History has proven time and time again that all through-out the ages humanity has see horrific atrocities committed by those who have been corrupted by the power they hold. Now, as the world tumbles it’s way toward another new year there are still haunting reminders of this summers past that have rekindled precious memories of those wondrous years of so long ago.

Diversity in Eating Habits

Koreans enjoy dog meat, but many others do not. Humane Society International is motivating Korean farmers engaged in dog farming, to seek alternate business. It is a humane step, but why a selective approach? It calls for universal application. Indians worship cow, since times immemorial; but beef meat is liked all over the World, except by Hindus and Sikhs in India. Democracy implies tolerance in diversity. We must accept diverse eating habits in the World. What does future hold for us? World population will keep on increasing, but agricultural output will soon reach its upper limit. We will depend on sea-food there after!

Akokwa, During the Nigerian Civil War

Nothing made sense to my five-year-old mind. Why was the hen clucking so loudly, corralling her chicks and zigzagging under the orange tree in the backyard?

Mainland China To Taiwan, Via Alaska

Sending China’s navy far afield strengthens Beijing’s hand close to home, as in the Taiwan Strait. As China takes its place on the world stage as a global power, we want to be sure it follows the same rules as everyone else.

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