Electrical spinal implant helps paralysed man have child – BBC News

Is 2012’s Black Swan Taking Flight In The Middle East?

This year’s black swan may be taking flight in the Middle East. Chances rise for armed confrontation between Israel and Iran.

Security High Priority at London 2012 Games, Before During and After the Event

The games are set to be, not only the biggest peacetime event the UK has seen, but also the biggest policing operation our forces have had to tackle since the blitz. Proposed training initiatives are currently aimed at 250,000 officers and staff including how to tackle terrorist threats, public disorder, organised crime and what have been described as ‘natural hazards’. Nick Gargan, Chief Executive of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) said, ‘Awareness training recognises that the games will need a massive national policing operation involving forces throughout the country to ensure that the games are policed effectively yet…

The Theory and Practice of India’s Non-Alignment Diplomacy in International Development

India is not ignorant; it would know the culprits on an Israel diplomat’s wife in Delhi in the recent bomb attack. India is not under pressure from international community to impose sanction against Iran as much as it is being questioned internally from within India itself, especially from those who sense the danger of the radical force gaining momentum with epicenter from India’s closest neighbor. India may not forget Iran’s opposition during its nuclear test in Pokhran in 1998.

2012 Challenges and Trends in International Diplomacy

One hardly has to do much more than read the international headlines to understand that there are some challenges on the international diplomacy front. Let’s talk a little bit about some of these challenges. Let’s start in our own backyard with Mexico.

Government and the Public in Syria and Russia

Russia has jointly blocked U.N. Security Council action against the government of Syria. This article shows what can be done about that U.N. veto.

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