Endangered right whales spotted off Florida coast

Vladimir’s Most Excellent Year

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had a banner year in 2013. In contrast to President Obama, Russia’s leader greets 2014 with enthusiasm, not relief.

Roman Origins in Pre-History

The name Romans usually conjures up a vast civilization of romance and strong leadership but the origin speaks volumes about their real character. Able to trace them back in time the city of Babylon is their first real home and then they spread out taking their Islamic religion with them.

The US, Our Corporations, Philanthropists and International Behavior

Why is it that wherever you go around the world, US citizens are treated well? Well, most everywhere, and despite what you might have heard our nation is very respected world-wide. Why? Because, people in other nations want to be more like us, and have the freedoms and liberties we have here, who can blame them considering on what they often have to deal with. Even in those free countries, we have a better quality of life, lower taxes and we sure eat well – look at our Body-Fat Index!

Ngozi Okoro, A Woman of Inner Strength and Ability!

Ngozi Okoro had a tough childhood in the coal city of Enugu State Nigeria under the rules, discipline and watchful eyes of her meticulous parents. While her mates and friends played around, Ngozi spent countless hours under her parents’ strict supervision being taught the way of morals and the Word. Her father wanted her to grow up well and become a shining example to her younger siblings comprising of five sisters and a brother.

South Sudan’s Unraveling Crisis Moves Grimly Toward Civil War

Here is what we know from the last 48 hours, based mainly on reports from Voice of America in Nairobi and a few German reporters who have been changing planes in Dakar going to or from the crisis. A group of armed tribesmen who call themselves the “White Army” have begun concentrating their forces in the area of Bor, which is the regional capital of Jonglei in South Sudan. Bor is almost smack-dab right in the geographic center of South Sudan, a town of great historical and emotional significance to the mostly Christian South Sudanese, because it was in Bor, in 1905, that the first Christian mission was established by the Church Missionary Society. Leaders of the “White Army” have told government officials in Juba, the nation’s capital, they have the avowed intention of taking control of Bor in the name of South Sudan’s former vice president, the ousted Riek Machar.

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