Fertilizer plant on fire for more than a day in North Carolina, forces evacuations

The Empires of Constantine and 666

You would need to be living on another planet not to realise that the earth is in dire straits. Not only is it facing climate change and massive overpopulation but the evil among those driving terrorism is growing. There is an instinct in most men that creates a drive to kill, and that is evident by wars, animal extinctions, and the inventions driving pollution of the environment.

Global Interdependence: A Demand of Globalization

Globalization in this age might just be offering us headway towards global interdependence. That is, if we are willing to embrace the art of understanding.

Ban Fur Farming

In China, animals are mostly skinned alive while they are still conscious. The cruel farmers simply catch hold of the animal and mercilessly peel off their skin and throw the still living – and conscious – animal, half dead from agony, in a heap nearby and leave them there to die.

Scotland Seals

As the second largest producer of Atlantic Salmon Seal in the world, Scotland accounts for an average capture of 135,000 tons annually, fetching a lucrative £138 million for corporations. About 5,000 seals are killed in Scotland every year as a means to allegedly “protect” salmon farms and other fishing businesses.

Canada Shame

The Canadian Seal Hunt accounts for the largest slaughter of marine animals in the world. Canada issues permits that allow the killing of some 325,000 seals a year, along with an added bounty of 10,000 Harp Seals. The Canadian government has continually defended the practice, claiming that the hunt does not impact the seal population-a statement the environmentalists and animal lovers refuse to accept.

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