‘Freedom Convoy’ protests cause state of emergency in Ottawa I GMA

Human Trafficking Around the World: The Global Reach of Modern-Day Slavery!

Human trafficking has become a global problem that can no longer be ignored. Today trafficking in human beings is pronounced as the largest slavery regime ever encountered in human history.

We Are Dying and Taking Everyone With Us

The mass suicide of religious cults seen in recent years is nothing compared to what is about to strike the world. There will not be too many of us left alive when the current population explodes with the next generation of massive increase in our numbers. There will be little food, fewer houses or places to live, less oxygen in the air to breath and we will be standing on top of one another and on corpses in our struggles to get the last drop of drinking water or bit to eat. That is the future now upon us.

January and February Diversity Calendar – Christmas, New Year, Spring?

Just when many of us thought we had finished the Christmas holiday and celebrated the New Year, much of the world had yet to do so. Armenian Christians, and Coptic Christians in Egypt, celebrated Christmas on January 6 and those following the Eastern Orthodox rite (Greek, Russian, and Ukrainian Orthodox) celebrated on January 7.

Falklands Still A Hot Spot In A Cold Southern Ocean

The Falklands are still a global hot spot. The U.S. and Brazil could get dragged into the long-running Anglo-Argentine dispute.

Washington Pressurizes Seoul to Slash Down Iranian Oil Imports

A U.S. delegation led by U.S. State Department’s special adviser for nonproliferation and arms control, Robert Einhorn is pressurizing South Korea to slash down Iranian oil imports justifying Washington’s intentions of tightening the noose around Iran’s nuclear program. However, Seoul who depends upon U.S. for its security warned that slashing Iranian oil imports would lead to an increase in oil prices in addition to difficulty in finding replacement for crude supplies.

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