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One Percent Against One Percent, Why This Apathy?

I met Michael in Washington and Aaron in London. Both are active members of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. They sleep in tents outside and it is cold these days. They have the courage to persevere in their cause to protest against the things that are wrong in our society… but where is the rest of the 99% now?

Ghana Life: Meeting Ghana’s Rulers

One big advantage of living and working in a small country is the greater opportunity provided to meet prominent people, even prime ministers, military dictators and heads of state. During twenty six years in Ghana I was able to meet several of the prominent individuals who held power throughout the period 1971 to 1997. When I first arrived in Ghana on 3 February 1971, Mr E Akuffo-Addo was President but the person in charge of government was the Prime Minister Dr K A Busia. Over the next eleven years there were five changes of regime until the ‘second coming’ of Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings on 31 December 1981 heralded a period of 19 years and seven days of unbroken rule.

Why Teaching NLP in Mainstream Education Would Greatly Benefit Societies

What would be the concrete paybacks for governments and taxpayers of every cultural background, generation, and social standing in implementing teaching NLP into mainstream education? Find them listed here.

Challenges of Poverty

Poverty is a sign of danger for the humanity and human rights. Driven by poverty a hungry man can go to any extent, even committing a crime.

The Need for International Support As Poaching in Africa Reaches Crisis Point

The unlawful killing of wildlife in Africa has risen sharply in recent years due to increased demand from Asia for ivory, rhino horn and other animal body parts. New privately run Anti-Poaching initiatives may be the answer to help the fight against poaching, but fundamentally these projects will rely on International awareness and support.

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