Gas prices spike

Indians Can’t Say No – Fact or Fiction?

I just read an article on a famous Dutch IT news site (webwereld) about Indians not being able to say ‘no’. The article was based on an interview with another Dutch firm with an office in India. What strikes me is that my experience is opposite the general notion and even the experience of a competitor. The sample used in the article is a customer approaching a sales manager of the Indian company with an RFP. The Indian team makes an estimate and says the project will take 10 days. The customer asks whether they can do it in 6 days and the deal is made.

A Trillion Dollar a Year Cartel – Wow, How Can I Get a Piece of That?

Most people don’t realize how damaging monopolies and cartels can be. It is quite serious in many industries – just take the oil industry for instance. Everyone around the world is held hostage by the OPEC cartel, and since OPEC has a valuable commodity that we need for our industrialized nation, we have no choice but to deal with it.

Should We Allow China to Participate in the ISS Human Science Project?

It wasn’t more than a few years ago when the Chinese military shocked the world by shooting down one of their own satellites. Why would any nation shoot down one of their own satellites you ask? To prove to the world that they could is the legitimate answer.

The Tragedy In Norway Is Proof That Black-And-White Thinking Breeds Violence

The tragedy in Norway is simply one more example of the growing global climate of fear, narcissism, and hatred toward multiculturalism, immigration, homosexuality, and minorities in general. The problem of stereotyping and intolerance is a lack of curiosity created by the black-and-white beliefs and certainties of our inner-child’s primitive ego.

Who Owns Nigeria – Christians or Muslims?

Nigeria, a country blessed by the Almighty God, is made up so many parts. All of these parts are associated with one form of religion or the other. However, there are two prominent religions that are practiced by the larger population of the country – Christianity and Islam. For obvious reasons, these religions have been struggling to maintain a leadership position or superiority over the others.

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