Gay adults had higher COVID vaccination rates than heterosexual adults: CDC

The War in the World’s Newest Country, South Sudan

Unlike most African countries, South Sudan’s independence was not attributed solely to revolution. Through democracy, any problem, big or small, can be solved without unnecessary violence. Democracy is the people’s best friend but it is worse enemy of politicians who only care about their personal political interest to gain or maintain power by any mean possible, especially the leaders of South Sudan. They use violence to reach political ambitions. They are the root causes of the current crisis in the country. The current conflict in the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, is heartbreaking and despicable. South Sudanese are killing each other for the two biggest egos in the country, Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. Salva is from Dinka tribe and Riek is from Nuer tribe. The rivalry between these two tribes has existed since their existence. The war has three dimensions. Fight between Salva and Riek, or government against rebels, and Dinka against Nuer. The war would turn into genocide if not stopped as soon as possible. Salva want to remain in power by force. Riek want to come in power by force.

If the US Makes An Enemy On Human Rights Issues – China Immediately Finds a New Friend

It is my contention that it is time for China to join the international community in demanding “human rights” around the globe. The Chinese will go further faster using a pro-human rights approach even as they scour the world for raw materials and places to make FDI (foreign direct investment). Yes, lets talk.

Mexico Procurement Goes Beyond Just Oil and Its Products

Mexico procurement is mostly about minerals like petroleum, silver and gold. Among other products natural gas, timber, cocoa, and cotton are noteworthy. Procurers have varied option of choosing between minerals and agricultural commodities.

In Russia, FedEx Is Cast Away

Onerous new import procedures halt international parcel delivery to Russian consumers. Do svidaniya, Wilson.

Martin Bormann – A New Body of Evidence

New Evidence reveals that Martin Bormann was probably rescued from Berlin and helped to escape from 1945 war-torn Europe with the help of British Naval Intelligence. Far from a cold case, the Martin Bormann mystery has been reignited by a British investigative journalist who has picked up from her deceased predecessors. With their work combined with her 8 year and ongoing investigation, she has been able to piece together startling new evidence which could resolve the mystery once and for all.

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