Ginni and Clarence Thomas draw questions about Supreme Court ethics

The Importance Of The European Union

The first thing you have to consider when it comes to the European Union is its great practical importance for every institution of the member countries. EU is not only manifested politically, being also able to influence the everyday life of its citizens in various fields. A suitable example is the introduction of its own currency, Euro.

Insha’Allah (God Willing)

It was a Eureka movement for women not only in Saudi Arabia but women all over the world when Saudi King Abdullah declared that women in the Middle Eastern country will have the right to vote in municipal elections. Not only that, Saudi women will also be allowed to run in future municipal elections, and will be appointed as full members to the Kingdom’s Shura Council, which is the King’s advisory board. A pat on the back of King Abdullah who stunned the ultraconservative nation with a daring reform like this, that nobody ever expected for decades to come….

Segregation, Discrimination, and Multiculturalism

There is an elephant in the room when it comes to these three things. But who is listening and can anything be done to overturn them. We might hate racism and that kind of thing which is intolerable to most so it will pay to look at the place from where it might be originating.

Hausas and the Cost of Fighting in Jos

The Hausas often consider themselves a unique extraction given that they often rise to lead events in foreign lands of minority tribes within and around them. Uniqueness when viewed critically in this context is a metaphor for numeral advantage and explains their rise to leadership prominence in the lands of minority tribes with whom they co-exist as neighbors. Nigeria’s ethnic population stands at over two hundred fifty.

New Testament and Mythical Religious Dogma

People question why we have things like child abuse, wars, drugs, slavery and thousands of over unpleasant things such as diseases and disasters, but few question the origin of the religions they believe in and follow. Behind them is fraud, lies, power and control and we all need to wake up and stop supporting the things that are destroying the world.

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