How one Principal became the COVID-19 ‘vaccine whisperer’

Failure Is Man Made While Success Is From God

Our lives rarely turn out in the way we might expect. There are many aspects to them that change our dreams and turn us into pawns of the super intelligence of the Spirit of the Universe.

Marx, Mao and McCarthyism in Twentieth Century America

Supposed Communist sympathisers were sought in Twentieth Century America to compensate for perceived defeats for right-wing policies at home and abroad at the hands of the left…

Reshaping a Nation’s Face

The world’s national obsession and relentless pursuit of plastic surgery has turned many heads and invited lots of chatter and speculation. Various debates have arisen over this phenomenon of a first-world problem.

American Leadership and the World Cup

In just over a month, the world’s eyes will focus on the quadrennial spectacle so awe-inspiring that even Americans who don’t know the difference between a handball and a throw-in will take in several matches between countries they might not be able to find on a map. The beautiful game will enjoy its finest hour as it brings together nearly every country more peacefully than the UN ever could. Left out of that spectacle, though, will be any thought for Ukrainians, whose country is being torn apart by a dictator hell-bent on reviving the Evil Empire.

Indian Immigrants in the US

America, viewed as a land of opportunity, has a large immigrant population made up of the English, African, French, Spanish, Indian, Chinese and several other cultures. Many aspiring Indians have always regarded America as a dream destination for better education, employment, and money-making opportunities.

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