Icy roads caused 2 major pileups in Texas

The Fields Are White – Ready to Harvest

Many want to be saved and are expecting they will make it to heaven. My reincarnation memory, however, shows they have been lied to and will be greatly disappointed. There is no heaven or hell and the lies of the Catholic Church were part of the conspiracy of emperor Constantine, the man identified as 666.

Emperor Constantine and Easter

The actions of Constantine have been largely ignored until today when the evidence is mounting against the credibility of the religion he established and the image he created. Now that he is identified as the one bearing the number 666 there is a lot more to come out about him.

Hey That’s My Ice, It Came From My Ice Shelf, Bring It Back

Now then, what if the ice shelf is 175 miles on its long side against the coast, and 50 miles wide, and travels 20 miles adrift, and what it if drifts around and back again? If it drifts 15-miles it would have added 15 miles to its territory, but if it drifts twenty miles it loses 30 miles plus 175 miles of shoreline. At what point does a broken off ice shelf, no longer belong to the nation from which it broke free?

Myth Vs Reality in Diplomatic Immunity and the Foreign Service

A brief overview of the reality of diplomatic immunity and how it is used in international affairs. The role of a U.S. Foreign Service Officer is vital overseas, and diplomatic immunity is just one of many tools available for successful diplomacy.

North Korea: Their Unsettling Roar

North Korea’s recent bellicose rhetoric aimed squarely at the United States has scaled new heights of brinksmanship. Kim Jong Un has seemed almost demented – delusional in his accusations, crazed in his threats. So ferocious has been his performance that the US State Department and the military have deliberately toned down their rhetoric to avoid an escalating war of words that might drive him over the edge. It’s like a tightrope walk. Careful! Don’t lean to far towards appeasement. Nor to far towards aggression.

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