Inside the last known American slave ship

Understanding the Oddities and Absurdities in the Extreme Opens the Mind

Extreme views sometime seem to convey disrespect and disregard and could be even appearing despicable too. For example, terrorism guided by extreme view of an ideology that believes in annihilation and holds no principle to respect life is repulsive in its objective, approach and strategy. Without understanding what prompted this extreme thought and action, the retaliation often assume a horror to civil liberties and rights.

Blind, Rich, and Afraid: A New View on Pre WWII Appeasement

People often see the politics of appeasement worked up by Britain and France in the build-up to WWII with disgust or irony, perhaps the way they would view two bodybuilders donating machine guns to a skinny starving art major who took up rape as a career. A careful investigation of the socio-cultural, political build-up and the military situation before WWII changes the scenery. The British and French operated in appeasement not out of the naive assumption that Hitler would suddenly be a good boy if they gave him the toys he wanted, but out of a fear and distrust…

They’re Giving Out Statehood Like Lollipops These Days!

History has taught us that the farcical “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority breaks down every single time it is forcibly initiated by the West. The routine disintegrates because it always un-peacefully proceeds in the following manner: Palestinians make demands, and Israel agrees to them; Palestinians sense weakness and up the stakes, and Israel necessarily balks; Palestinians attack Israel, and Israel counterattacks; the world condemns Israel for its “disproportionate” response, and Palestinians secretly celebrate Israel’s global denigration without shedding a tear over the deaths of its own civilians; and then the whole sordid cycle starts again.

Live Abroad And Shop Internationally

Moving to a new country is exciting! New places to go, people to meet and things to do – it can almost seem overwhelming at first! In time, however, you know that you will adjust to your new home.

African Engineers: Robbery With Violence

In Ghana, as in most developing countries, the crime rate is high and the police force is too weak to exert effective control. During more than twenty six years in Ghana the author’s house was burgled three times and his car was robbed once while standing in a filling station forecourt. However, just as it is said in Ghana that its military coups are bloodless, so is the majority of its crime. On only one occasion was the author faced with physical violence, and although a small amount of property was stolen, Ghanaian friends were convinced that the real purpose of the violence was to prevent the ceremonial planting of a tree.

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