Is Tom Brady really retiring?

Education System in India

It is believed that in ancient days, education was imparted orally by sages and scholars. The traditional gurukul structure has been destroyed. The present education system was introduced and founded by the British in the 20th century. Education acts as a main pillar for a nation’s growth. However, the education development index of India stays low at a value of 0.473. There are many criticisms levelled against the current education system which will be discussed briefly in this article.

Ethnicity Syndrome and Political Nationalism in Nigeria

Nigeria, the Giant of Africa, can boast of her salient Political Nationalists. They are sometimes called “Freedomites”. Most of our children in Schools are constantly reminded of their heroic deeds.

Arc of Instability – Our Global Human Relationships

Many will contend that there is far too much chaos on Earth these days. Well, I’d say the Earth is fine, it’s all the humans on the surface of this Pale Blue Dot that cannot for the life of them get along. Is our current instability sustainable, favorable or even profitable? Oh sure, some might make potentially large sums of money temporarily but even those individuals or corporations would make far more by expanding the pie, rather than trying to control the pie from growing – after all, international cooperation and trade is NOT a zero sum game.

International Business

In today’s society, businesses must deal with and overcome all different types of issues within their company. Many businesses could have international or global issues within the company. For example, airline companies mostly deal with international issues throughout their years. Each business handles and approaches each issues a different way trying to discover as many solutions as possible.

Religious Evolution: Progress Beyond Islam

A native born Belgian was recently interviewed on CNN having returned from Syria where he had served in the army of the Islamic State. He was asked why he had converted to Islam and he replied that it represented an advance on Christianity. He went on to state his belief that more and more people would adopt Islam and that countries would increasingly come to use Sharia law. Few impartial observers would deny that coming six centuries after Jesus, Mohammad was able to correct many of the faults that had crept into Christianity, but should this be taken to imply that Islam is a religion suitable for universal application in the present day?

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