Judge rejects plea deal in federal case of the death of Ahmaud Arbery

Of Rice And An Economy Driven by Women: Bittersweet Tale

Kogi is a centrally located state in Nigeria which is formed at the confluence of River Benue and Niger, giving rise to the name ‘confluence state’. This story today is of rice and an economy driven by women. The women of Kogi, who are quietly but actively involved in the local rice trade spread across every corner of the state.

Vietnam – The Land That Time Forgot, But I Haven’t

Great Britain’s Prince Harry recently disclosed his personal difficulties in dealing with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. In National Geographic Magazine, Cory Richards writes about lifelong debilitating symptoms like his panic attack after summiting Mt. Everest. In my own life, while learning to accept what is, writing about a traumatic experience allows me to look at it objectively. It’s just a story.

How to Set Up Good Relations With Russia

Russia treated Ukraine like an aggressor who occupied Crimea and a part of East Ukraine, infringing on the international laws and agreements. Agreements that there signed by Russia itself. This was possible because of former president Barak Obama.

Cinco De Mayo, What Is It?

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that has a different level of significance dependent on where and who is celebrating it. For instance, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated quite differently in the United States as compared to Mexico. Many synonymously associate the holiday with Mexican Independence however this in fact is a misconception. The history behind this holiday is a symbolic one where Mexico fought foreign invaders and their imperialistic goals to build a dependent empire within Mexico.

The Unintended Effect of the Immigration Ban on Global Business

This article analyzes the effect of Executive Order 13769, otherwise known as the “Immigration Ban”, on the United States economy. It analyzes the effects it could have on the economy as a whole, and more specifically, within the technology industry.

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