Kremlin reacts to US written statement amid rising tensions l GMA

Why Governments Won’t Ban Religions To Protect Societies

It is painfully obvious to any thinking person that religions are the cause of most of the world’s troubles. From early childhood until death they brain-wash people into believing in the myths of their foundation. Their roots are buried deep in the past when ignorance and assumptions were the norm.

What Would an Invasion of North Korea Achieve?

The world awaits a solution to the stand-off over the nuclear missile threat posed by the president of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. His chief opponent is Donald Trump, the newly elected president of the USA. Over the time since his ascension to the top job the North Korean has put the Americans on notice that he will build an inter-continental-ballistic-missile capable of reaching America.

Star Signs of Key Leaders and the Effect They Have on the World

How people act in life is determined by their star signs, or at least the time they were born. Following my reincarnation, the fascination with why people are who they are and the roles they perform in life focused my attention. Born under the sign of Capricorn my life has followed its traits perfectly.

Why the World’s Population Has Escalated Dramatically

There would be few to argue against the fact that the earth is in rapid decline, species are fading as the habitats disappear, and the over-population of it is unsustainable. Rare extremely beautiful creatures are threatened while entire communities, such as those of the Great Barrier Reef, have little future in the current climate. Destruction is everywhere as the greed for money surpasses common sense.

The Depression Falling Over the World and the Unavoidable Consequences

The Great depression of the 1930’s saw the majority out of work and countries crippled by debt unable to provide essential services. In Australia men took to walking from place to place in the hope of picking up a job here or there to support their families. This scenario occurred just prior to the outbreak of World War 2.

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