LA Rams, Cincinnati Bengals to face off in Super Bowl LVI I GMA

2019 And the New Hope

The essence of our rise against national fall. Who are to rise?

5 Things Expats Forget, But Should Not Neglect

There are so many reasons why people became an expats. Some says that they became an expat because it is required in their job. Some even says that they moved out of their country because of their partners. Other people’s reason was due to education purposes. Reasons still depends on the person itself but almost all of them have two goals in mind and that is to be productive and successful after choosing this option as part of their career move.

India and European Union: Perceptions, Narratives and Prospects

India has a multi-dimensional relationship with the European Union (EU), its largest trading partner, a major source of foreign direct investment (FDI), an important source of technology, and home to a large Indian diaspora. India no longer regards the EU as a mere trading block, but as an increasingly important political action world politics with a growing profile and presence. After independence, the Government of India took a keen interest in the Common Market from the moment it was first formed, largely because of trade concerns even though there was meagre trade with the West Europe countries till 1957. Indian efforts to establish a new; post-colonial relationship with the European Economic Community(EEC) proved a challenging task since apart from the ‘associated’ overseas countries and territories of the Member States, the Treaty of Rome contained no references to the rest, of the Third World.

Postal State in India: Need to Be Positive

‘India is a huge country, nay sub-continent. Two things that bind the whole country together are Railways and Postal Service.’ V S Naipaul, The Daily Mail, London, 2011 The postal state in India could be termed as snail mail/outdated mode of knitting together the diverse nation.

Delhi-6: A Cinematic ‘Buttressing’

You remember, there was a movie called ‘Delhi 6’ which hit the marquee a few years ago? To many cine-goers, ‘Delhi-6’ was an intriguing film title. Actually, it was based on the Pin Code of North Delhi (precisely, Chandani Chowk area): 110006.

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