Malcolm X’s daughter calls for congressional probe of assassination

Awaiting China’s ‘Perestroika’

It is tempting to look for parallels in the news that China’s government has announced a pair of policy changes. China’s liberalized rules on family planning and pretrial detention are progress, but not a Gorbachev-style perestroika.

Germany Rules: Checking the Gender Label Box No Longer Required

Germany just made ground-breaking progress when it comes to acceptance of babies who are born with a mixture of male and female chromosomes or genitalia. As of today, November 1, 2013, parents of newborns are no longer required to check a box indicating the child’s sex. Germany is the first European country to allow this option to acknowledge indeterminate genders.

Keeping Humanitarian Spirit and the Power of Volunteerism Alive

A week after super typhoon “Yolanda” battered central Visayas in central Philippines, outpouring of supports for the victims of one of the world’s strongest cyclones ever recorded in history are overwhelming and heart-warming especially from the international community. Tons after tons of arriving relief goods have become apparent over the large areas of the devastation caused by the monster storm. Military personnel, medical teams and volunteers have been fielded immediately from other countries to help in the rescue operations and rehabilitation.

Constantine and Christianity in the Roman Empire

History changes things as it builds stories of distortion that hang better with modern views. This is the case with the establishment of Christianity at the hands of Emperor Constantine.

Icons, Idols, Idolatry, Adultery and Mother God

Mary was Mother God in antiquity and Mother of God in modern faiths born of sun worship. She sits in a city built on seven hills and is the continuation of the Islamic beliefs that migrated to Rome from Babylon.

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