Manatee released back into water after rehabilitation

Light Floating Balls

The light balls carry different sizes, types, colours, texture and divisions. It’s important to note, what is seen in terms of size and colour in our three dimensional space is completely different outside our earth space.

Horrible Jobs From Around The World

You think that working at a fast food restaurant is bad? Try working some of the following jobs.

All Governments Seek to Expand and Control – Often Through Taxation or Stealing

There is an old quote which goes something like this; “you never want the government to get bigger then you can drown in the bathtub if it gets out of control,” or something to that effect. It seems that whenever governments are formed, they have a tendency to grow. Just as if you write one law, even if it is only a simple law, you will always add more exceptions and more definitions to that law as time goes on.

Child Labour – Let’s Stop This!

An article on child labour! The work to be done from kids is not legal we should stop this child labour and let the students live their own life!

Food And Its Global Effects

When spring arrived in the United Sates, in 2012, farmers in that country prepared to plant a record ninety six million acres of corn. Weather conditions appeared to be perfect, and many predicted the largest corn crop in history, however, the usually productive and reliable corn crop soon lost its vitality as temperature rose and drought gripped the entire corn belt of the country.

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