Massive winter storm blasts the Midwest

The Arab Spring of Twenty Sixteen

All is not okay in the world during this US 2016 Presidential Election year. Things are not even okay at home, as the president has put forth a budget with huge deficit spending, and the US stock market is making a huge correction and had about the worst “January Barometer” on record. Normally in election years there is sufficient government spending to keep everyone happy, even if it is deficit spending. Many CEOs are expecting a recession, in fact, in the US it may have already started, negative growth for 2 consecutive quarters by definition. Of course, the US is doing much better than the rest of the world right now. I’d like to address the Middle East as a real challenge in 2016, so let’s switch gears, locations, and cultures for a moment.

Why Man’s Vomit Has Confused The World

The things that man has put out there has built a thick layer of dark black goo that nothing can penetrate, It is called the vomit or even excreta of men because they sought power and control and to be higher and greater than the God that created them. The Internet was shown to me in a vision as the bright light that will cut through the filth and destroy it.

The Answers to All Questions Are Free and Available to Everyone

The Internet is the miracle of the age. It sends information to everyone in whatever part of the world they are in. The people are flooding to it and the answers to every question is on it. No longer does the dark world of religions control the world and the blindness they have created is now overcome.

The Stage Is Set for the Final Conflict

The looming conflict will be severe and is guaranteed in Old Testament prophecies to change the state of the world as we know it. It is in the plan of God to remove the worshipers of false gods and the religions that set them up and mislead their followers. These things are the work of the two beasts of Revelation and their job is finished.

The New Path to Glory

Gory is a magical word that encompasses so much from success to happiness, from death to life, and from religions to the Spirit of God. Those who have the Spirit know what true glory means while those in religious circles struggle to achieve it. With the return of the Spirit many are now in a state of glory and the miracles and power is among them.

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