Millions at risk of starvation in Afghanistan – BBC News

Taking Out The Euro-Trash – Focus On EU Keeps Investors On Edge

It seems like nothing matters away from Europe as investors are fixated on the Eurozone debt problems like they are a celebrity sex scandal. Even though the US market has had a pretty good rally, it is nowhere near what it should have been given the steady better than expected US economic news.

Now Entering The Internet: There Be Dragons Here

On the heels of yesterday’s news item, I’m just told that India is the latest country to try to crack down on the Internet. Apparently the Telecoms minister of India met with Google and Facebook execs to pressure them into screening “objectionable” content. According to him, the government is asking social media companies to come up with a way to eliminate offensive content as soon as it is created – no matter which country it originated in.

Putin Is the New Premier – But Some Say, Not So Fast

It seems regardless of the country – anytime there are elections the opposing party claims voter fraud, or voting irregularities these days. It’s happened on nearly every continent in the last year or so. Thus, it should not surprise us that folks are claiming that Putin’s Party in Russia played with the election results.

Europeans Ask Themselves: What Is Europe?

Are Europe’s leaders trying to solve a crisis, or forge a new continental power? The euro’s fate may hinge on just what, exactly, Europe is.

Iran and America’s Drones

If it hadn’t before, the Islamic Republic of Iran now completely understands what makes America’s drones tick, both the hapless drone sitting in the White House and our surveillance drone sitting somewhere in Iranian territory. At this juncture, Iran probably understands President Barack Hussein Obama better than it understands our top secret spy plane although, given enough time, they, China, and other American enemies will learn plenty about the Lockheed RQ-170 Sentinel Stealth Drone. On Tuesday, Democrat congressman Dennis Cardoza (CA) criticized the president as arrogant and alienating, as a man who would be better…

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