Minneapolis declares moratorium on no-knock warrants after another Black man killed l GMA

So, Is the Firing of Big Missiles the New Alpha Male Chest Pumping Display or What? Humans

Isn’t it amazing that every time any nation wants to have negotiations on peace, someone fires off a missile. Any time there are trade negotiations or there is tough talk in international diplomacy, someone fires off a missile. The funny thing now is that every country has missiles of all different types.

Status of Thais Abroad and Money Transfer Options

Reasons vary behind the growing economy of Thailand. Remittances by its oversea-working population are a strong factor. According to the Thailand Migration Report of 2011, deployment of Thais to other countries for work opportunities has experienced fluctuations for the past years. This means that there are significant increases and decreases in the number of Thais who work abroad due to improved job opportunities in their country.

India’s Love Affair With Gold

India has a love affair with gold, and it goes beyond buying small “pretties” to adorn the body. In India, the dream is to acquire gold – and as much of it – as you can afford. For there, gold isn’t merely a component of jewelry, it’s a wearable display of riches.

US And UK Prepare Drones for Homeland Invasions

Drones are falling from the sky nearly every day, some landing in highly populated areas.The odds are growing against us since 30,000 are predicted to hit our homeland skies by 2015. Are you ready for your worst nightmare to unfold its wings above you?

What Nuclear-Free Japan Means For Us

This weekend, Japan will be nuclear-free for the first time in a generation. American gas can help keep it that way.

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