Minneapolis Police Department faces growing outrage


Man-Made and Natural Resources – An Unhealthy Obsession

Are we being told the truth about international budgetary problems, or the continued raping of the earth’s natural resources? What would be the helpful and kind responses to the situations we now find ourselves in?

Japan, 1 Year After The Tsunami – With Justin McCurry, Tokyo Correspondent at The Guardian

While Japan continues to recover at this critical point in time, AsianTalks spoke with Justin McCurry, Tokyo correspondent at The Guardian, one of Britain’s most widely read and highly regarded newspapers. McCurry has worked as a journalist and has lived in Japan for the better part of two decades, covering a wide range of topics. He has not only been responsible for ongoing post-3/11 coverage for the newspaper, he’s also written about Japan’s culinary scene, and finds himself increasingly covering stories unfolding in South Korea. We checked in with him this month to get a temperature reading on Japan today, and where the nation finds itself one year after Tohoku. What we encountered was a portrait of a resilient society that is looking for “a fresh start” and ways to “make their communities more sustainable,” which for McCurry are just some of the reasons why Japan continues to interest and engage him as a journalist.

Immigration to Australia 2009-2010: Characteristics and Trends

In the financial year of 2009-2010, 140 610 immigrants have moved to Australia to settle. In this article, the nature and characteristics of the immigration shall be reviewed.

Iran and Syria Are Getting Pretty Brash These Days

Most people see the challenges we have with Iranian nuclear weapons facilities as a separate situation from what is going on in Syria. After all, Syria is having a civil war, and much of the population is trying to overthrow the Assad government, so that sure sounds a lot different than the world coming down on Iran for building nuclear weapons to give to proxy terrorists, unbalancing the region and powerbase in the Middle East. True enough, but Iran is intimately involved in what’s going on in Syria right now, just as they have been involved in what’s…

African Engineers: Ghana’s Home-Made Timber Trucks

In Ghana, most old trucks are recycled, and Suame Magazine in Kumasi is by far the largest informal industrial area where the recycling is undertaken. In other Ezine articles, something has been said about trotros for public transport and cocoa trucks for agricultural and general goods transport. These two categories of vehicle are built on the rigid chasses of light and medium duty trucks by carpenters using tropical hardwood. The largest category of trucks, built with a tractor unit and articulated trailer, are also recycled, but in this case it is welders and mechanics who build whole trailers out of steel for the old tractors to pull. Most notable of these monsters are the timber trucks, built to transport huge logs from the deep forest to the urban sawmills.

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